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Seif Wanly: 109th Birthday

Seif Wanly (Egyptian Arabic:سيف وانلي, born March 31, 1906) was an Egyptian painter, born in Alexandria, Egypt, who introduced modern art to Egypt after studying at the studio of the Italian artist Otorino Becchi.

Seif Wanly: Google Doodle
Seif Wanly: Google Doodle

Seif Wanly: Awards and Exhibitions

Seif Wanly studied art in the studio of Antonio Becci. He traveled to different European countries and participated with his brother in 17 private exhibitions, also his works were shown in the Biennale of Venice, Sao Paolo in Brazil and the Biennales of Alexandria. In 1936 he received the Mokhtar Award in paiting. In 1994 he received the award “Richard”.

In 1953 Seif Wanly received the medal of the Afro Asian exhibition and in 1959 he received the first award of the Biennale of Alexandria. His works exists in the museums of Cairo and Alexandria. After Seif Wanly finished his studies with Becci established his own studio with his brother Adham Wanly. Both of them began their life in art applying the classical western style than turned to the expressionism. But Seif soon turned to the fauvism in which he excelled.

After his brother’s death Seif’s paintings were mostly in the black colors with its different shades than his work turned to the fantasies with its different colors to topics. After 1961 the prominent element in his work was that dealing with subjects and his love of portraying every single detail in this concern. This we notice when dealing with the theatre, the daily life of the participants on the stage, and behind the stage the musicians, the ballerinas, the actors, and the comedians became part of his life. He lived there and became one of them and that is how he excelled in portraying them.

The different styles he used in his paintings were to prove that Alexandria is a dominant factor, in the Mediterranean. He revived the heritage of old Alexandria from the Ptolemaic and Roman era to the modern time. The images of Alexandria in his paintings were seen as part of the Mediterranean, more than being related to Cairo or to the heart of Egypt.

He was fascinated by this liberal city with its abundance of culture was a cosmopolitan city in which lived the Greek poet Cavafi, the English writer Laurence Durrell and the Italian painter Clea Badaro.

Seif Wanly died February 15, 1979 in Stockholm (Sweden).

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