Colombia National Day 2015

Colombia National Day

Colombian Declaration of Independence refers to the historic events of July 20, 1810, in Santa Fe de Bogota, which resulted in the establishment of a junta in that capital. This experience in self-government eventually led to the creation of the Republic of Colombia.

14 juillet: Fraternité

14 juillet: Bastille Day

Elle a été instituée par la loi en 1880, en référence à une double date, celle du 14 juillet 1789, date de la prise de la Bastille, jour symbolique entraînant la fin de la monarchie absolue, suivi de la fin de la société d’ordres et des privilèges, et celle du 14 juillet 1790, jour d’union nationale lors de la Fête de la Fédération

Pluto Google Doodle

Pluto Flyby – 14 July 2015

New Horizons is an interplanetary space probe that was launched on January 19, 2006, as part of NASA’s New Frontiers program. Built by the Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) and the Southwest Research Institute, with a team led by S. Alan Stern, the spacecraft was launched to study [img]Pluto[/img], its moons and the Kuiper Belt, performing flybys of the [img]Pluto[/img] system and one or more Kuiper Belt Objects (KBOs).

Venezuela National Day 2015

Venezuela National Day

The Venezuelan Declaration of Independence (Cinco de Julio) is a statement adopted by a congress of Venezuelan provinces on July 5, 1811, through which Venezuelans made the decision to separate from the Spanish Crown in order to establish a new nation based on the premises of equality of individuals, abolition of censorship and dedication to freedom of expression.